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Business Strategies Focused on Productivity.

Clear The Road For Profitability.



Suite-Apps helps organizations leverage the Internet to execute an online business strategy that simplifies daily operations, increases sales and reduces costs.


As technology and business advisors we help organizations to first identify inefficiencies or "pain points" in daily operations and to then select, setup, customize, integrate, train and adopt online software products that best suit your business and organizational needs.




> Reduce Costs: Shed IT and Overhead Costs Now

Make the move to using online business software and save up to 70% in IT related costs and overhead.  Similar to the benefits realized from the introduction of centralized banking in the middle ages, large trusted software platforms, such as Google and Zoho are able to offer more effective and efficient management of software and information than what most companies are able to provide using their own means. The result is better information security and access, and significantly reduced IT costs. 


Operate your business using online software and reduce costs fast:


  • IT administration: Reduce labour, direct and indirect costs related to software and information. For a nominal monthly fee Google Mail & Apps ensures that your business information is secure, backed up and accessible from anywhere.

  • Overhead: Reduce the physical footprint of your office and related overhead by allowing some employees to work from home.  Centralized software and information not only saves you money, but will also result in improved workforce management.

  • Sales & marketing: An online CRM will help your team to determine which marketing campaigns are effective and which are not, allowing you to redirect your marketing dollars to campaigns that generate results. 

  • Project management and time based billing: Smartsheet or Zoho's online project management provides effortless time tracking of tasks and activities that can be converted to an invoice with the click of one button.

  • Travel costs: Use Google Hangout or Zoho's online meeting software and Google Video to share your screen and have real time video conferencing and maintain a physical presence anywhere in the world in minutes.

  • Expense recovery: Track all of your expenses and associate to your clients in Zoho Invoice to ensure that you get reimbursed quickly.

  • Corporate training: Google Video is an excellent resource for posting corporate training that helps keep workers informed and educated. Best of all, it comes free with Google Apps.




> Workflow Automation:  Trigger Notifications, Tasks & Emails

Traditional companies map their business processes in binders that nobody ever looks at.  Consequently, workers are often unaware of what the business processes actually are, what their coworkers are working on and what the companies objectives actually are. The result is ineffectiveness, inefficiency, redundancy, worker frustration and ultimately lost productivity.


Our corporate Intranets and online business environments tell the "internal story" of your company through navigation that mimics your unique business process to keep your organization working effectively and efficiently.


Online software is interoperable, so it improves efficiency:


  • Integrated Work flow: All of your internal stakeholders can navigate your private Intranet with the same ease that a new client navigates through your public website. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Production and Administration work online in their functional software and share documents and calendars. The Intranet allows workers to physically view their role within the larger organization which is invaluable in getting everyone to work towards common goals.

  • Single sign on: All of our online software is fully interoperable using OpenID standard that allows workers to move securely throughout the virtual organization using a single password and user ID.

  • Collaborative documents: Corporate servers and email inboxes are typically filled with tens of thousands of old redundant versions of the same files that can result in worker frustration. Online documents are shared so that workers can collaborate effectively on a single document that has full version control built in.

  • Eliminate information silos: Most organization have decentralized silos of key business information that is stored on laptops, in workers minds (and not documented), on hard/flash drives, corporate servers, websites and even home computers. Every silo impedes efficiency.  By centralizing information you reduce redundancy and worker frustration, improve search and increase productivity.

  • Centralize information and software and eliminate technology failures: Moving your business online means that people can work and access important information from any computer or smart phone thereby eliminating the great frustration of broken computer, software conflict or other common technology based work interruption. 

  • Project management and time based billing: Zoho's online project management provides effortless time tracking of tasks and activities that can be converted to an invoice with the click of one button.  This detailed time tracking is perfect to establish key tasks, manage employee effectiveness and as an objective basis for performance appraisals.

  • Unified Communications: Google Apps Mail provides centralized communications, a global address list, shared calendars and video chat that allows workers to collaborate effectively from anywhere.



> Flexibility: Scale Your Business to Ensure Profitability 

Our online business software solutions are completely flexible with no upfront or fixed costs.  You no longer have to fear business cycles that require rapid scaling of your organizational structure; simply increase or decrease your users as needed with the click of a button and only pay for the technology services that you use. 


Plus, with all of your information and software being completely centralized online you are able to add telecommuting or full mobility to your "workspace" options for your staff to reduce or maintain your current physical office space requirements, and it will improve your carbon footprint!


Our online software and business solutions:


  • Reduce fixed overhead and IT costs:  Maintaining your own server and software environments requires full time IT administrators and high priced, fixed-cost hardware and software infrastructures. Our online software is 100% variable, so you only pay for what you use and never need to worry about purchasing new software releases.  With Cloud software you are always current, giving you the edge you need to always stay ahead of your competitors, regardless of the current economy. 

  • Office and workforce mobility:  Enable travelling and home-based workers that are off-site but fully plugged in to all the latest company news and happenings There always seems to be a shortage or excess of office space, supplies and equipment depending on the current season or economic environment. Since your software and information is located online you have increased flexibility to add travelling and home-based workers that are off-site but fully plugged in to all the latest company news and happenings.  


It is no surprise that the most flexible businesses remain profitable in good times and bad.



> Better Search:  Find Information and Data Faster.

All of the world's information is centrally located in one place, on the Internet; however, it is faster and easier to find information on the Internet than on your own corporate server.  Why?


Information centralized online is easier to find:


  • Harness the power of Google Search: With Google Docs and Google Sites all your business information is securely stored in a central off site location where they can be searched from any computer by a user with password access.  Google Search is built in so you can find information throughout your organization as fast as the Internet.

  • Browse for context: With Google Sites and our custom intranets your business navigates according to business process.  For new employees, non-operational stakeholders or a potential investor this provides instant insight and confidence in your business.

  • Collaborate don't duplicate: With Google Docs workers collaborate on single online documents, thereby reducing redundancy (caused by multiple versions) and facilitating search and browsing.



> Business Intelligence:  Gives You More Control. 

Business managers and workers alike often feel frustration due to a perceived lack of understanding of what the other is doing.  Using centralized software and a work flow designed intranet helps coworkers to more easily understand business objectives and to then collaborate within their work environments towards measurable results.


Online software and an intranet will increase transparency:


  • Subscribe to changes: Google Docs and Google Sites enables workers and mangers to easily subscribe to changes that others make.

  • Align tasks to target: Powerful yet inexpensive business functional software such as Zoho's CRM, Projects, HR and Recruit help workers to define targets and schedule tasks to meet their targets.  Coworkers and managers can track their progress to facilitate collaboration, approval and performance appraisals.

  • Get personal to improve communication: Improve efficiency of personal interaction online by sharing work calendars, meeting agendas and by scheduling online meetings and video conferences through Google Talk.  

  • Video training: Google Video is an excellent included resource for posting corporate training that helps keep workers informed and educated.




> Mobility:  Work From Anywhere. 

We are a value added reseller of Internet based "cloud" software and related services that are designed to increase business productivity by reducing costs and improving efficiency and output. Please research our software products and strategy and support services.


Our online software and business solutions:


  • Reduce overhead and technology costs: by up to $20,000 per worker, see our case studies. 

  • Create efficient workflow: unite workers online, with integrated software and internal sites that guide workers along efficient process.

  • Increase scalability: add or remove users as you need to, pay only for what you use.

  • Find data and business information faster: harness the power of google search to find information quickly or browse it to gain context.  Either way, online software eliminates information 'silos' that are a leading cause of process failure, redundancy and ultimately worker frustration and discontentment.

  • More management control: KPI dashboards, integrated information and detailed reporting helps you monitor business indicators in real time.

  • Work anywhere: centralizing your business information and reporting online allows workers to share software, documents, calendars and projects with complete business mobility and scalability. 

Reduce Costs
Automate Workflow
Increase Flexibility
Better Search
Business Intelligence
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