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Improving Productivity Through Efficiency.

We Fix Pain Points That Waste Your Time And Money.

Suite Apps Sales and Marketing Consulting



We provide expertise and senior level experience in sales, marketing, production and operations admin, our consultants provide flexible management and strategic support removing the need to hire a full time employee.  


Our clients are our friends.  We work as part of your team helping you to improve productivity, starting with "pain points" in your business that frustrate you and cost time and money.


Our consultants work remotely, our business overhead is low and therefore our fees are very competitive.  Our fees are based on deliverables and we do not charge our clients for quick calls and emails.


Do you have a business plan?  Why do you need one? The market is competitive, global and mobile; if you haven't carefully analysed your offering, the market and your competition then you're going to spend more than you should to become profitable.  A good business plan is a living action plan that is short on words, big on analysis, controls and reporting.  


Our business plans aren't your average MBA slideshow, they are action plan checklists rooted in real life experience and rely heavily on online software to manage all business aspects to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business functions from the front office to the factory floor.  

Popular Services: 

Business plan boot camps - facilitated session for your staff, to help redefine your Vision, Mission, and top 5 strategies per business area.

Online Software plan - identify and review your critical business processes and then select software to manage, control and report on those processes. 

Sales plan - develop a sales forecast, campaigns calendar and reporting to ensure that you meet your sales targets. 

Marketing plan - align your product or service with your target market and then develop messaging and campaigns that are likely to create demand, and purchase urgency.

Budget or forecast - preparation of a quantitative budget or forecast to help you manage results and plan for the future. 


Featured Benefits:

  • Reduce overhead and technology costs
  • Improve scalabilty and reduce risk
  • Create efficient and automated workflow 
  • Manage data and communication more effectively.
  • Improve management control and business intelligence 


Need a marketing  or social media plan? or help executing it?  We help businesses create and execute effective print and digital marketing campaigns that will increase your sales.  Reporting helps you monitor and focus on what works.

Popular services:

Monthly shout-out - we help you keep your customers engaged monthly, maintaining demand and maximizing sales.  Effective e-newsletters distributed over email and Facebook direct users back to your website to increase leads or sales.  The post exists on your website to help improve search engine optimization, and attracts new visitors to your website.

Google Adwords - increase visits from customers who are engaged and ready to buy.  An effective adwords allows you to attract targeted customers that you could not have otherwise received through organic search.  

Marketing collateral - engage, educate and compel customers with well designed business cards, rack cards, banners, car wraps or any other promotional material.  Find out more. 

Featured Benefits:

  • Increased leads or sales
  • Improved control over seasonality and cashflow


Changing software systems can be a daunting task, but we help make it easy, from selection to implementation and adoption we help make the integration quick and cost effective.  The transition to Internet software is easier than you think and the benefits are immediate and significant.  We help move your organization to an online business environment in a phased process, adopting only the modules that you are interested in.  


We offer software integrations using 2 common approaches:

Integrated Solutions:  Move to Google Apps first and then integrate other popular business software to mange key business processes such as customer relationship management (CRM), project management, enterprise resource planning, human resources, customer service and support and VOIP telephony. Over 4,000,000 businesses already run Google Apps.  These businesses are in every industry and vary from a single person to multinational organizations with over 100,000 employees. Some of largest blue chip companies in the world now run Google Apps.  


Google Apps is a online software platform that offers over 60+ pieces of software that are all available with the $50/user per year license. In addition there are tens of thousands of apps available on Google Apps marketplace, all of which have been developed by 3rd party software development companies but are interoperable with Google Apps and can be easily accessed using your Google Apps username and password. 


A La Carte Solutions:  If you are not ready for Google Apps, or simply want to cherry pick certain high-priority software solutions we can work with you to help make the right choice.  We can recommend some software solutions that we love. 


The success or failure of your organization's transition to highly productive cloud based business apps is entirely based on the adoption of the software by your staff.The Suite-Apps corporate training program consists of private and group courses designed to help organizations train their staff in the use of online software with the objective of increasing profitability, through reduced costs and increased work-flow efficiency.  

Suite-Apps customizes the training programs to your business/industry, guiding staff and managers through a learning process from a contextual overview through to tangible business improvements that can be immediately implemented within your organization.



  • $125/hour for group webinars
  • $175/hour for group on-site sessions


Sample Courses by Business Function:

Office and Administration

  • How to use Google Apps & Online Software to Improve Productivity
  • Effective Use of Google (GMail) and Calendaring (Level 1)
  • Applied Use of Google (GMail) and Calendaring (Level 2) 
  • Effective Use of Google Drive (Level 1) 
  • Applied Use of Google Drive (Level 2)
  • Effective use of Google Sites and Video (level 1)
  • Applied Business Use of Google Sites and Video (Level 2)
  • Advanced Business Use of Google Sites and Video in the Creation of Business Process (Level 3)
  • Introduction to VOIP and PBX (Level 1)

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

  • Introduction to Ecommerce (Level 1)
  • Intermediate Ecommerce - Online Store Management (Level 2)
  • Advanced Ecommerce - eStore Marketing (Level 3)
  • Expert Ecommerce - eStore Metrics and Analytics (Level 4)


Google Analytics provides detailed empirical evidence on visitor activity, traffic patterns and conversion rates that help you meet our website objectives. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are available but not included. Our SEO for Google Apps, focuses on keyword identification, keyword based content and layout improvements, site descriptions and tags, sitemap submission and reciprocal links. Google Analytics provides critical information on how people are using/visiting your site. Let us get you started with setup, strategy, analysis, training and support.

Primary Benefits:

  • Insight on visitor activity
  • Understanding conversion rates 
  • Identifying traffic patterns


$ 250 - Account and reporting setup, training and 30 days support.


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