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ERP - The Benefits & Advantages

Whether your business is large or small, there are several benefits of ERP software your company could gain by using a Enterprise resource planning software (ERP). An ERP is a suite of customizable applications that allow businesses to integrate and manage their most important processes.

ZOHO ONE - The All-in-One Suite

Zoho One includes more than 40+ integrated, online applications with complimentary mobile and native versions, along with many extensions and extras. All applications are with enterprise features, giving you everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more. Our consultants can help you with setup, customization, data migration, workflow automation and training.​

More benefits:

1. Unify IT Costs - Instead of spending resources on multiple systems that all need dedicated staff, infrastructure, support teams and licenses, you can focus all these costs into one ERP.
2. Total Visibility - ERP allows total access to every important process in your business by making data from every department easily accessible to you and your senior management. For example, you can monitor inventory levels on a daily basis, including future consignments that are yet to be received and inventory currently in transit. By knowing precisely where you stand regarding inventory levels, you can control your working capital on a more precise level.
3. Improved Reporting and Planning - Along with improved visibility, better insight is a major advantage of ERP. Implementing an ERP suite across departments means your organization has a single, unified reporting system for every process. By having a single source of truth, an ERP system can readily generate useful reports and analytics at any time. This software gives you the ability to analyze and compare functions across departments, without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and emails.
4. Complete Customization - One of the biggest advantages of enterprise resource planning software in the present day is its modular makeup. Most ERP vendors offer several applications that can be implemented together according to business needs.
5. Improved Efficiency - Along with reduced IT and training costs, an ERP can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities. Properly implemented, an ERP can greatly reduce or eliminate repetitive manual processes, thus freeing up team members to focus on revenue-affecting tasks.
Contact us to talk to one of our consultants and learn more about the Zoho ONE ERP.
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