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Website Design: How Old Is Too Old?

Does website design have a use-by date?

The answer is yes. Website design evolves just like any other technology, though perhaps change happens more quickly.

The first website was published in 1991 and was built exclusively of text. Up until the late 90’s, everyone had dial-up Internet (who can forget the sound of the Internet connecting?) and websites were built in recognition of the speeds they had to work with. Ten years ago, a website didn’t have to worry about how it looked on a mobile device, because smartphones hadn’t been introduced to the mainstream public yet. Did you know that websites now have to be optimized for mobile devices or get penalized by Google? With so many users relying on mobile devices more than computers, companies must adjust to the growing demand.

Not Social Media Friendly

Social networks are an important part of online marketing so not adding those sites to your website is a big mistake. First, social networks complete the online presence pyramid. You can control your image instead of others automatically doing it for you and without your consent. Second, social networks add credibility through the natural sharing of your content across networks. Add sharing buttons with the social media accounts so users can refer you to them.

Does the information on it change on a regular basis?

Your website is a virtual storefront. As such, it should be designed to give clients/prospects a reason to visit frequently. You can use newsletters, articles, and blog posts to keep your site fresh with new content. Does updating your website’s content require the involvement of your technical staff or a third-party vendor? A good content management system such as WIX provides a simple, user-friendly interface that allows any trained staff member to submit content for your website without advanced knowledge of web programming or the need to manipulate complex files. You shouldn’t have to hire a programmer to make simple changes and fixes.

Even though that your website will need a facelift every 5-7 years the good news is that you don’t have to rebuild your website from scratch each time. A simple refresh by an expert in website design is all you may need. It’s a fast-paced world, and rebranding offline and online happens at a more frenetic pace than in decades prior. If you’d like help with building or refreshing your website or branding, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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