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Do Artists Need A Website?

Many artists do not have a website and may have other venues of showing their art and creating visibility. While we perfectly understand that it is very hard for artists to create their work and manage a business we believe that it is crucial for an artist to have a website. Here are our thoughts of why we believe an artist should have a website.

  1. Powerful marketing tool

  2. Enables the customer to find you, greater visibility

  3. Enables the customer to know more about you and your business

  4. Gives your business credibility and professionalism

  5. Websites are not necessarily as expensive to create or maintain as you think and worth it’s value exponentially

  6. Customers no longer think of your work as a hobby, but as a business

  7. Advantage is it is accessible around the clock

  8. Ability to define your art

  9. Ability to sell directly

  10. Increase your sales

We recently created a website for Marie Price. Marie Price is a visual artist working in Vancouver, B.C. primarily in the print medium.


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