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300,000+ Cloud Software Apps Available.

We Help You Select, Setup, Integrate, Train and Adopt. 



What software is right for your business?  We can help.

Online software is accessible through your web browser.  Information is stored securely, can be shared with co-workers and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.   Data is not stored on your device so your information is safe from computer theft or damage.  If an employee leaves you can protect your company data quick and easily through a change of password.   

If you haven't adopted online software yet, now is the time.  It is powerful, flexible and much more cost effective than traditional software. It ensures that you have the information, business processes, communication and reporting to manage growth and control over your business.

There is online software for anything that you need to manage, and we can help you choose the right software for your business.  

Online Software Business Consulting
Office & Admin Software:  

Google GSuite, Microsoft Office 365 and Zoho One are the clear leaders.  They all provide ​the basics and also often integrate into other 3rd party software:

  • Online email

  • Shared calendaring

  • Online file creation and storage 

  • And much more

Sales & Marketing Software:

Sales and marketing software helps you track your leads and customers, communications and customer service.  It also automates repetitive tasks, provides valuable analysis and reporting.

  • Website

  • CRM (lead generation, powerful customer management)

  • Marketing and social media management

Project Management Software:

Project management software is extremely flexible software that can help manage any aspect of your operations.  


Invoicing & Accounting Software:
Online Invoicing and accounting software will integrate into your other online business software to help make your systems more efficient and effective.  Because its online, you can share information with offsite accountants and manage your business from anywhere. 

We provide the setup, support, data migration, integration and user training.

We also build custom intranets and wikis that organize software, communications and processes to help get your entire team on the same page. Workers follow established work flow rules and company policy and procedures automatically, documenting the 'story' of your business operations that can be easily searched or browsed by management, investors and even new employees. 

Learning Management Software:

Manage Teaching and Learning with Classroom. Learn more >>>

Organize assignments, boost collaboration, foster better communication.

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