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You'll save up to 70%. Yes, really. 

Reduce your IT and Overhead Costs Now

Make the move to using online business software and save up to 70% in IT related costs and overhead.  Similar to the benefits realized from the introduction of centralized banking in the middle ages, large trusted software platforms, such as Google and Zoho are able to offer more effective and efficient management of software and information than what most companies are able to provide using their own means. The result is better information security and access, and significantly reduced IT costs. 

Operate your business using online software and reduce costs fast:
  • IT administration: Reduce labour, direct and indirect costs related to software and information. For a nominal monthly fee Google Mail & Apps ensures that your business information is secure, backed up and accessible from anywhere.
  • Overhead: Reduce the physical footprint of your office and related overhead by allowing some employees to work from home.  Centralized software and information not only saves you money, but will also result in improved workforce management.
  • Sales & marketing: An online CRM will help your team to determine which marketing campaigns are effective and which are not, allowing you to redirect your marketing dollars to campaigns that generate results. 
  • Project management and time based billing: Zoho's online project management provides effortless time tracking of tasks and activities that can be converted to an invoice with the click of one button.
  • Travel costs: Use Zoho's online meeting software and Google Video to share your screen and have real time video conferencing and maintain a physical presence anywhere in the world in minutes.
  • Expense recovery: Track all of your expenses and associate to your clients in Zoho Invoice to ensure that you get reimbursed quickly.
  • Communications, phone and call routing: Ringcentral provides centralized unlimited local/LD calling, fax, "voice to email" and call routing (PBX) for $25 per user/month.  Compare that to the cost of traditional phone service and PBX systems which often have setup costs of $10K and monthly LD costs of over $100 per user.
  • Corporate training: Google Video is an excellent resource for posting corporate training that helps keep workers informed and educated. Best of all, it comes free with Google Apps.