Get the Power of Google Search for Your Business Info.
Find the information you need fast. 

Find Business Information and Data Faster, and Increase Profiability

All of the world's information is centrally located in one place, on the Internet; however, it is faster and easier to find information on the Internet than on your own corporate server.  Why?

Information centralized online is easier to find:
  • Harness the power of Google Search: With Google Docs and Google Sites all your business information is securely stored in a central off site location where they can be searched from any computer by a user with password access.  Google Search is built in so you can find information throughout your organization as fast as the Internet.
  • Browse for context: With Google Sites and our custom intranets your business navigates according to business process.  For new employees, non-operational stakeholders or a potential investor this provides instant insight and confidence in your business.
  • Collaborate don't duplicate: With Google Docs workers collaborate on single online documents, thereby reducing redundancy (caused by multiple versions) and facilitating search and browsing.