Automate Simple Tasks and Communication.
Leave more time to focus on what drives your business. 

Automate Your Work Flow

Traditional companies map their business processes in binders that nobody ever looks at.  Consequently, workers are often unaware of what the business processes actually are, what their coworkers are working on and what the companies objectives actually are. The result is ineffectiveness, inefficiency, redundancy, worker frustration and ultimately lost productivity.

Our corporate Intranets and online business environments tell the "internal story" of your company through navigation that mimics your unique business process to keep your organization working effectively and efficiently.

Online software is interoperable, so it improves efficiency:
  • Integrated Work flow: All of your internal stakeholders can navigate your private Intranet with the same ease that a new client navigates through your public website. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Production and Administration work online in their functional software and share documents and calendars. The Intranet allows workers to physically view their role within the larger organization which is invaluable in getting everyone to work towards common goals.
  • Single sign on: All of our online software is fully interoperable using OpenID standard that allows workers to move securely throughout the virtual organization using a single password and user ID.
  • Collaborative documents: Corporate servers and email inboxes are typically filled with tens of thousands of old redundant versions of the same files that can result in worker frustration. Online documents are shared so that workers can collaborate effectively on a single document that has full version control built in.
  • Eliminate information silos: Most organization have decentralized silos of key business information that is stored on laptops, in workers minds (and not documented), on hard/flash drives, corporate servers, websites and even home computers. Every silo impedes efficiency.  By centralizing information you reduce redundancy and worker frustration, improve search and increase productivity.
  • Centralize information and software and eliminate technology failures: Moving your business online means that people can work and access important information from any computer or smart phone thereby eliminating the great frustration of broken computer, software conflict or other common technology based work interruption. 
  • Project management and time based billing: Zoho's online project management provides effortless time tracking of tasks and activities that can be converted to an invoice with the click of one button.  This detailed time tracking is perfect to establish key tasks, manage employee effectiveness and as an objective basis for performance appraisals.
  • Unified Communications: Google Apps Mail provides centralized communications, a global address list, shared calendars and video chat that allows workers to collaborate effectively from anywhere.