Online Business Strategies that Increase Productivity.
Clearing the road for profitability. 

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Suite-Apps helps organizations leverage the Internet to execute an online business strategy that simplifies daily operations, increases sales and reduces costs.

As technology and business advisors we help organizations to first identify inefficiencies or "pain points" in daily operations and to then select, setup, customize, integrate, train and adopt online software products that best suit your business and organizational needs.

Our software products and services secure your information online in a corporate intranet that helps "tells the story of your business" so that all stakeholders can find information quicker, understand the business better and work more effectively towards your organizational goals.  The transition to online software is easy and the savings and productivity improvements are significant and immediate. 

Business Benefits:
  • Reduce overhead and technology costs: by up to $25,000 per worker, see our success stories
  • Create efficient workflow: unite workers online, with integrated software and internal sites that guide workers along efficient process.
  • Increase scalability: add or remove users as you need to, pay only for what you use.
  • Find data and business information faster: harness the power of Google search to find information quickly or browse it to gain context.  Either way, online software eliminates information 'silos' that are a leading cause of process failure, redundancy and ultimately worker frustration and discontentment.
  • More management control: KPI dashboards, integrated information and detailed reporting helps you monitor business indicators in real time.
  • Work anywhere: centralizing your business information and reporting online allows workers to share software, documents, calendars and projects with complete business mobility and scalability.