Intranets Drive Business Process Improvements
They guide employees to work within process (not refer to it).

Intranet Development

Every wonder why you can find information on the Internet faster than you can find business information on your corporate server? 

An intranet helps workers and stakeholders clearly understand how your business operates.  Workers can search for information using the power of Google search or browse your key business processes and documents with the ease that they navigate your public website. 

Our intranets serve as a company's online meeting place clearly laying out all critical business functions, data and software.  All work can be accessed, executed, saved, searched and secured with ease by anyone who is authorized. No knowledge of code is required. 

Management can communicate the vision, mission and strategy to its staff and report to its stakeholders.  Navigation links provide access to team and project sites and documents quickly, securely and reliably.  Because all data and software is centralized, the power of google search quickly eliminates information silos that plague business efficiencies and reduce productivity.

Click to see a basic example of an Intranet made with Google Sites. Then get started to see how quickly and inexpensively you can get one for your business.

Primary Benefits:
  • Guide workers along established business process to improve efficiency
  • Improve management control
  • Access software and information from anywhere
Pricing Details:
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