We Focus on Improving Productivity Through Efficiency.
Addressing pain points that waste your time and money.

Consulting Services

Whether you are ready to move to the cloud or simply find out more about how an online business strategy can help your business, we can help.  
We don't recommend technology for the sake of technology, and we won't recommend a solution unless their is a direct productivity benefit.

With expertise and senior level experience in sales, marketing and operations, our consultants provide flexible management and strategic support without needing to hire a full time employee.  We are partners and friends with all of our clients. We work along side your team to help you execute on solutions that improve productivity, starting with the "pain points" in your business that frustrate you and cost time and money.
  • Evaluation of business needs
  • Business process and work flow restructuring
  • Cost cutting and productivity planning
  • Online marketing plans
  • Sales force development
  • Business intelligence 
Our consultants work remotely, our business overhead is low and therefore our fees are very competitive.  Our fees are based on deliverables and we do not charge our clients for quick calls and emails.

Our Consulting Process:

Free discovery session to discuss Internet solution alternatives, assess your business needs and develop a strategy and plan. 
Software setup, customization, integration, data migration and staff training as required.
Adoption of the new technology at a comfortable speed, parallel to your current systems until you are ready to make the switch.  Follow up training as needed. 

Automation of repetitive tasks and communication (within your business process) and setup tracking, analysis and reporting on key business intelligence metrics.
DELIVERABLE: Your business information, communication and processes are now centralized in one place online.  Repetitive time consuming tasks and communication are automated. You are in 100% control over the business and and can find any information you need quickly and effectively. 

Find out more about the business benefits we can deliver to your organization. Why Suite Apps?