INDUSTRY:  Manufacturing
NEED: Reduce product lead time, cut overhead costs.

Business Summary

GAIA Custom is an established, vertical provider of high performance custom team and event apparel for niche sports markets.  In an increasingly competitive consumer goods industry GAIA made the bold move to "virtualize" a significant part of its operations closing an office and 2 retail stores with staff and reps now working entirely online from home or on the road. 

Cloud Solution
  • Google Apps - Email, shared calendaring, collaborative document management
  • Google Website - now maintained by staff
  • Zoho CRM - for improved customer insight and reporting
  • Smartsheet - to manage production and operational processes
  • SimpleBooklet - for improved online marketing
  • MailChimp - for better online newsletter management

Key Benefits 
  • Cut costs - by over $33,000 per worker
  • Improved Email & Search - saves significant time per user
  • Collaborative Document Management -  and storage from Google Docs
  • Document Storage - Secure & 'accessible anywhere' 
  • Improved Customer Management -  email lists
  • Improved website messaging - using SimpleBooklet
  • Always Fresh Content - as staff can easily and regularly maintain the new Google based website
  • Automated Workflow - using webforms and email to CRM
  • Automated Lead generation - and allocation using CRM
  • Increased Leads / Sales opportunities - provided by webform
  • Increased Website Traffic - from monthly SEO outsourcing to Suite Apps
  • Simplified Meetings - using shared Calendaring and online meetings from Zoho Meeting