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About Our Case Studies

Our industry case studies focus on a few of our clients that we have helped to reap the benefits of online software.  Benefits can sometimes be difficult to calculate so we have provided two guidelines to help you determine how your business might benefit.

a) Calculate your savings potential at gonegoogle.com. Or watch the video below.
b) Review the savings spreadsheet below related to our client www.GAIACustom.com.

Popular Solutions 
  • Google Apps for better email, shared calendaring and collaborative document software and storage.
  • Google Websites for simple beautiful websites that anyone can maintain.
  • RingCentral to save big money on phone service and call routing.
  • Zoho CRM to improve sales, marketing and customer service management.
  • Smartsheet for collaborative operations and project management
  • SimpleBooklet to improve online marketing

Key Benefits Realized
  • Save 65%+ on office software costs by switching to Google Apps
  • Improved email search saves significant time per user
  • Collaborative document management and storage from Google Docs
  • Secure & 'accessible anywhere' document storage for all business files
  • Improved 360 degree client management using Zoho CRM
  • Improved website messaging from SimpleBooklet
  • Always fresh content from Google Sites (as anyone can update the site)
  • Automated workflow from webforms and email to CRM
  • Automated website-to-CRM lead generation and allocation
  • Increased leads/sales opportunities provided by webform
  • Increased website traffic from monthly SEO efforts
  • Simplified meeting scheduling from Google Calendaring-in-website