With 100,000+ Cloud Software Apps Available,
We Help You Choose, Customize, Integrate, Train and Adopt.

Online Software Products and Partners

We are value-added resellers of online business software (apps) that have been developed by industry leaders such as Google (office software), Zoho (office & business software), Ringcentral (VOIP and PBX). Our partners pay us so that you only have to pay the same low yearly fee (or monthly) as if you had purchased it directly from the providers themselves.

Our "value add" is that we provide the setup, support, data migration, integration and user training.

We also build custom corporate intranets that organize the software and data congruent to the way you work.  Workers follow established work flow rules and company policy and procedures automatically, documenting the 'story' of your business operations that can be easily searched or browsed by management, investors and even new employees. 

Google Apps, Office & Admin Software

Enterprise class email, shared calendaring/contacts, collaborative office document creation, collaborative team/project/corporate sites, video and more. More software, better collaborative functionality, 50x the storage and over 70% cost savings over Microsoft Exchange. 

Why get Google? Google is world class software brand, trusted for its security, search capabilities and its easy integration with other online software applications such as Zoho.com.  Google Apps provides the perfect platform on which to integrate all other online business software. 

Zoho - Enterprise Class Business Function Software

For only a nominal monthly price per user, Zoho provides enterprise class business software for all of your key business functions: from CRM and Project Management, to HR, Invoicing and Online meeting and conferencing.  See the side panel for a listing of some of Zoho's most important software.

Why get Zoho?
For the most comprehensive suite of business software and for seamless integration with Google using OpenID, a single sign on service that eliminates the need for multiple passwords.

Ring Central - Reliable and Affordable VOIP telephony and PBX system

Why get RingCentral?
RC provides high quality VOIP telephone service and an integrated eFax and PBX system for a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system.  Use normal telephones, cell phones or your computer to make or receive calls and faxes; it is a professional phone system that follows your users.

Volusion - The World's Number One "Turn-Key" eCommerce Software

is the largest and most robust online eCommerce software, it is provides incredible value with powerful eCommerce enabled sites starting at just $29/month.

Why get Volusion?
Volusion gets you selling your products online in a matter of hours.  It has secure payments, inventory management, an integrated CRM and mobile site plus tons of great tools such as product ratings, social media, gift registry and more.

Smartsheet - Project Management, Online Collaboration and Crowdsourcing
Smartsheet enables intuitive, powerful and flexible spreadsheet-based online project management. You can securely share your worksheets, attach files, reports and have discussions with team members or external contractors or clients.

Why get Smartsheet?

It's comfortable and powerful. Smartsheet provides a familiar environment for those of us who have previously used spreadsheets to manage and analyse information.  Smartsheet has countless applications for any business function (from sales to delivery). Start by importing your old spreadsheets easily and then experience a tangible improvement in productivity via online collaboration, increased functionality and crowdsourcing.

Simplebooklet - The Web's Simplest Booklet Publisher
Create dynamic product promotions, presentations, brochures, or photo stories and share them by email, on websites, and across social networks. Simplebooklet is the world's simplest media publishing tool.

Why get Simple Booklet?

This online tool allows individuals and organizations to quickly and cost effectively promote or present their products, services, ideas and experiences.